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PPGPL wishes to invite suitably qualified and experienced organizations to bid for items identified as
scrap material for removal from its Plant Facility located at Rio Grande Drive, Pt. Lisas Industrial
Estate, Couva.our industry. read more.



In 28 years, we have made an incredible mark on our industry.
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cpTTNGL safe from Train 1 effects:

The public is advised that as a consequence of its commercial and operating structure, the performance of PPGPL will be marginally impacted should a cessation in delivered Natural Gas Liquids ('NGLs') volumes from Atlantic LNG Train 1 materialize in 2020 and 2021.
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cpPPGPL Reiterates Commitment to Employees:

Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL) notes the recent reports which appeared in the various newspapers on 20 th May 2019, and wishes to clarify some inaccuracies contained in the coverage.
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cpTTNGL's FIGURES tell a compelling, pointed story:

There's still work to be done, says our Chairman Professor Gerry C. Brooks,
but 'the Board believes that deliberate actions of the Group have laid a platform for sustained long-term growth ... '
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cpPPGPL Wins 17th Safety Award
Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited has placed first in the Gas Processors Association (GPA) Midstream Division II -International Category for safety in 2018.
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cpPPGPL Delivers Services to Ghana Gas
Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL), executed a six (6) month technical services agreement (TSA) with Ghana National Gas Company Limited (GNGC). Under this agreement, which was signed in July 2018, PPGPL will provide consultancy services to GNGC on risk-based inspection (RBI).
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PPGPL Helps Casa de Corazon Children’s Home

IMAGECasa de Corazon is a children’s home located in Sangre Grande. PPGPL has a long- standing relationship with this home, having reconstructed the building under its Gift to the Nation project for 2013 and 2014. It is also one of the homes that receives funding from PPGPL’s Employees’- Small Change Initiative (employees drop their ‘small change’ into a special container which is collected and counted every Christmas.

Every dollar is also matched by PPGPL and donated to children’s homes for educational programmes.) On Tuesday November 7, 2017, Casa de Corazon (fondly called Casa) received a cheque from PPGPL valued at TT$132,442.00 for the renovation of its kitchen. Casa has applied for a licence under the Children’s Authority to access grants and funding. However in order to qualify for this licence, the home is required to meet specific criteria set out by the regulatory body.

The kitchen was identified as one of the critical areas in need of repair. In addition to the kitchen renovation, PPGPL will also undertake to repaint the building, and replace some furnishings.

PPGPL is pleased to provide Casa with a facelift this year, because a child’s environment plays an important part in his or her wellbeing. PPGPL hopes that with the company’s latest financial support, the children of Casa will feel more comfortable in their home as they continue to grow and flourish as children should.

Launch of Digital Mammography System

From L-R: Dominic Rampersad, president, PPGPL, Kevin Cox, general manager, TTCS, Zalayhar Hassanali, patron, TTCS and Dr. Asante Le Blanc, vice chairman, TTCS all standing next to the Digital Mammography System.

IMAGEOn Thursday October 26, 2017, PPGPL in conjunction with the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society (TTCS) officially launched the digital mammography system. The unveiling of this system was planned to coincide with the TTCS’s move to its new temporary location on Dundonald Street POS, where the system has been installed. The digital mammography system is PPGPL’s Gift to the Nation project in recognition of the company’s 21st and 22nd safety milestones achieved in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Due to the overall cost of the system, PPGPL chose to part-fund the project over a two-year period. With a contribution of over $2 million TT dollars, PPGPL is the major sponsor of this system, which had a price tag of TT$4,319,100. Another organization contributed TT$1 million to off-set the balance of the costs.

A digital mammography machine promises to offer more patient comfort, better records management, and enhanced communication among medical professionals in screening clients for breast cancer. One of the major benefits of the project is that, at the TTCS, mammograms would continue to be available to the public at more affordable rates than private institutions. PPGPL’s ambition is to increase the cancer detection rate through early screening. The availability of affordable screening will certainly go a long way in combating the fight against cancer. PPGPL remains committed to this cause, as we believe that through awareness, education, and lifestyle changes, the incidents of cancer can be reduced, and the quality of life improved for patients. The company’s donation to TTCS is one of many social investments in the area of health. In 2015, PPGPL committed to donate 10 million US dollars in diagnostic equipment to the National Oncology Centre, and to this day, that financial commitment still stands.

Making Balandra Beach Cleaner and Safer

For the past four years, PPGPL has participated in the International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) Drive. This global initiative, is the biggest volunteer activity to protect coasts, beaches and oceans. To date over 12 million persons around the world have assisted with the effort to ‘fight ocean trash.’ On September 16, 2017, team PPGPL joined with employees from the other subsidiaries of NGC, to have a greater impact on how much garbage could be removed. With garbage bags in-hand, the committee headed to Balandra Beach and Fishing Facility and ultimately removed over 1100 lbs of debris including rusted kitchen appliances, broken glass, bottle covers and caps; as well as nails, paper and plastic. PPGPL firmly believes in this cause and will continue its efforts to protect our environment for generations to come. In light of the recent flooding in several parts of Trinidad, it is PPGPL’s hope that next year we will remove less garbage from our nation’s shorelines.

Employees of NGC and its Subsidiaries Provide Disaster Relief Items to Dominica

Following the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the NGC Group of Companies, comprising the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited, National Energy Corporation, Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited and NGC CNG, have been continuously working to provide relief efforts to the citizens of Dominica and other Caribbean territories. This ongoing effort is consistent with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago request to support our Caricom colleagues whose countries require urgent support and assistance. Earlier and in the wake of Hurricane Irma, the National Helicopter Services Limited, which is part-owned by NGC, immediately rendered assistance to Barbuda deploying a helicopter on the island for one week. Subsequently, and in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, on September 20, the company deployed another helicopter to Dominica to transport defence force personnel, who assisted in coordinating and providing relief assistance on the island. On Friday 29th September 2017, The National Energy Explorer, a supply vessel owned and operated by National Energy, sailed to Dominica and delivered six containers of aid materials to devastated Dominica.

One of the containers was filled with items donated by employees of the NGC Group, while the other containers were filled with donations from other companies and NGOs across Trinidad and Tobago. The NGC Group continues to work in conjunction with the Energy Chamber and other local donors to help restore Dominica, Barbuda and other Caribbean territories. These joint collaborative efforts have enabled local donors to quickly and efficiently route aid supplies to affected citizens. NGC Director Sham Mahabir volunteered to sail with the Explorer to Dominica and obtain a first-hand view of the situation on the ground while assisting in ensuring that the supplies were properly distributed.

As in the case of earlier natural disasters affecting the Caribbean, the employees of the NGC Group have responded to this latest unfortunate disaster and have generously donated cash, water, tarpaulins, disposable diapers, feminine hygiene products, cleaning supplies, canned and dry foods and building material. Other items shipped to Dominica included one hundred and seventy care packages and bulk items to facilitate quick and easy distribution. Chairman of the Group, Gerry C. Brooks emphasised, “The generosity of employees of the NGC Group was heart-warming. And, it comes on the heels of the government’s pledge to assist its Caricom neighbours in their time of need, despite our own challenges.” He noted that the devastation in Dominica is staggering and emphasised that, “The NGC Group is committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Caribbean citizens at this time. And giving true meaning to “Caricom”. The people of Trinidad and Tobago have always been a giving, caring people who do not hesitate to assist in whatever way we can, and our employees and suppliers have demonstrated this overwhelmingly. I am extremely heartened at the concern and level of response displayed by our Group employees and all of Trinidad and Tobago.”

A Tribute to Malcolm A. Jones

PPGPL Appoints New President

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL), Gerry C. Brooks, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dominic Rampersad as the new President of the company. Mr. Rampersad previously served as the Acting President. read more

June 2015

Celebrating 24 years of Production!

On June 15 1991, Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL) processed natural gas for the first time and some 24 years later the company has evolved and expanded into three processing plants, increased its storage capacity and increased its pool of talent.

PPGPL has created a sound base for its business thus far and now, is able to look for new opportunities internationally to develop its business portfolio. By producing high quality products, having a 24 hr dock facilities, highly skilled employees and strong relationships with its customers, PPGPL has ensured its place in Trinidad and Tobago as the gas processor of choice.

The company continues to improve its systems, invest in its people and resources and upgrade its facilities to meet market demands and keep current advancements in technology. The dedication of its people is one of the main reasons for the success of the company and its ability to celebrate 24 years of safe production.

At the annual luncheon to commemorate the anniversary of production, employees were taken down memory lane and were reminded by the acting president, Dominic Rampersad and the processing superintendent, Bhim Roopnarine of the many hands and minds that contributed to the company’s success Next year PPGPL will be celebrating another significant milestone of 25 years of production.

May 2015

Making Schools Better One Room at a Time with United Way

Vibrant colours, youthful exuberance, a strong team armed with tools and, a sense of purpose were the ingredients that helped to make the Music and Physical activity rooms at Holy Faith Convent Couva more usable for the students of the school on Sunday May 17, 2015.

Every year the United Way of Trinidad and Tobago (UWTT) hosts a ‘National Day of Caring (NDOC)’ which is a day designated to caring for others through volunteerism. One of the major undertakings under this initiative by United Way TT is the hosting of children’s homes for a day of fun. While the children are preoccupied with having fun, corporate volunteers engage in projects to upgrade and refurbish their residences. Volunteers also embark on projects at other institutions that focus on renovations or refurbishments as well as environmental and health initiatives. This year, team PPGPL assisted Holy Faith Convent Couva by doing a series of repair works to the school’s Music and Physical Activity rooms. In addition to employees of PPGPL, several students of Holy Faith Convent and young people from the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation were on hand to assist with the project bringing the team to a total of 91 volunteers. Bringing their youthful energy and overall enthusiasm, the students and young volunteers sang while painting the rooms making the work seem so much easier. Team PPGPL completed all the ‘heavy lifting’ and technical work before the youngsters arrived setting the stage for a productive day. Altogether the entire team was inclusive of 29 PPGPL employees.

Mar 2015

PPGPL Wins Another GPA International Safety Award

March 17, 2015, will add to the safety legacy of Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL). It was the day that company won the Gas Processors Association (GPA) company safety award for the Division II category of International Facilities.

For twenty two years PPGPL has maintained an impeccable safety record of no lost workday cases and for the 15th year, has been awarded a top prize in this prestigious competition. These records are very significant milestones for companies operating in the energy sector in Trinidad and Tobago. They require dedication, commitment, capital investment and a personal safety ethic that each individual entering the PPGPL Plant Facility has to possess and protect. PPGPL continues to demonstrate that anyone and any company can achieve the ‘quadruple zero’ in safety statistics- zero harm to people, zero plant incidents, zero environmental incidents and zero vehicular accidents. By being steadfast in its HSSE commitment and, uncompromising when it comes to maintaining the integrity of its safety systems, policies and procedures, PPGPL has also demonstrated that being safe is good for business and is a key element to organizational sustainability.


Jan 2015

State of the art Administrative Office for PPGPL

In 2012 members of the Board of Directors and management team of Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL) participated in a sod- turning ceremony to begin the construction of the company’s new administrative building.

Based on successful growth and development initiatives, the company has had to review its organizational structure and manpower needs. In the past 10 years the employee population has increased significantly and as a result, the need to acquire more work space became imperative.

On January 7, 2015, Senator the Honourable Kevin Ramnarine, Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs opened PPGPL’s new Administrative Offices on Rivulet Road, Couva. Minister Ramnarine along with Roop Chan Chadeesingh, chairman of the NGC Group of Companies noted that ensuring the safety of employees is of paramount importance to the board of directors and leadership of PPGPL. As such, the decision to remove the risk associated with having too many ‘non-plant’ employees at the PPGPL Plant Facility was an easy one to make.

During the opening of the building, Gordon Ramjattan, chairman of the PPGPL Board of Directors was eager to postulate that, “the design and layout of the new facility was in keeping with PPGPL’s strategic direction of internationalization and growth.” He stated that the structure is made of glass to capture as much natural light as possible, thus reducing the company’s energy costs. In addition to this, the internal layout is in keeping with modern work space design, with an open concept to foster closer employee relations and more productive work interactions.

The capital investment of constructing the latest addition to the company’s office accommodation is a profound statement and testament to the company’s commitment to providing the best resources, tools and work environment for all employees.
One employee stated, “such simple economic and energy efficient changes make a world of difference when it comes to increasing productivity, efficiencies and the overall well-being of the entire organization.”

As the company forges towards its vision of being globally recognized as a best in class NGLs business now and beyond, this building will be the birthplace of many critical decisions and business interactions.


Sept 2013

PPGPL Wins 14th Consecutive International Safety Award

In 1999, Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL) received its first international safety accolade from the Gas Processors Association (GPA) in Houston and fourteen years later, the company continues its stellar safety performance and has won first place in the Division II Category representing international firms for the fourteenth consecutive year. When PPGPL had started its operation in Pt. Lisas with one gas processing facility, its main priority was the safety of everyone who entered its compound. This mindset and commitment to ensuring that the organization achieved zero accidents, zero damage to the environment and most importantly, zero harm to the people; is the same as it was when the company first opened its doors. The company follows a top-down style of management when it comes to safety; which ensures that no one is exempt from the rules, regulations and procedures outlined to mitigate any risks, incidents and accidents. Each individual employee from the president to administrative personnel is responsible for his/her own safety and of those around them. Everyone has a very significant role to play and takes this role seriously.  According to Stephen Harris, vice president of Health, Safety, Security and the Environment at PPGPL upon winning the award: We have been members of the GPA for a long time, and from the onset we had decided that our focus would l not be on winning awards and accolades, but on doing the right thing when it came to safety. We made sure that our employees who are like our own family members returned home the same way they came. At the same time, it is always good to be internationally recognised for your efforts because it adds a bit more motivation and further exemplifies the point that we are doing something right.

Endorsing Environmental Preservation

Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Clean-up has been occurring worldwide for nearly three decades. The effort involves over 500,000 volunteers, and removes over 10 million pounds of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways. Without initiatives such as these, people would feel more of the effects of disease, destruction of eco-systems, annihilation of species, destruction of coastal economies and reduction in tourism.

One of PPGPL’s core values is to preserve the environment and as such, the company participated in Ocean Conservancy’s coastal beach clean-up on September 21, 2013 at the Quinam Beach in South Trinidad. Armed with gloves and bags to separate the waste collected, The PPGPL Eco-Savers went to work on different sections of the beachfront. In the end, a total of 2,340 lbs of debris was collected at this one beach. The PPGPL Eco- Savers collected 200 lbs. of the debris. The majority of the garbage included glass bottles for which the estimated weight was over 400 lbs.

At the event, Fidel Sanatan, community relations officer, PPGPL noted that conducting this clean-up campaign was just a drop-in-the-bucket with respect to the amount of litter seen across the country. He explained, “Quinam beach is just one site, but when you think about how many other beaches we have in Trinidad alone, and the amount of garbage that pollutes them, then you can get the real perspective of the monumental task ahead. Nevertheless, it is definitely something that the PPGPL Eco-Savers are committed to and will continue to support.”


Dec 2012

Employees Contribute to Children's Home Education Fund

In the true spirit of giving, PPGPL employees headed the call to donate their "small change" to the Couva Children's Home and Crisis Nursery In December 2012. For the past 3 years, the company set up a transparent box for employees and well-wishers to drop their "small change," to be donated to various children's homes around the country. The money is specifically used to establish an education fund for the residents of the selected homes to cover the cost of extra lessons and tuition in various subjects.

Each year, everyone would be surprised at the amount of money that was collected as employees would not only donate their "small change" but also cash notes. As one employee stated "I donate whatever loose change I have in my pocket whenever I pass by, but I know that this is never enough, it can't be. So occasionally, I would add some notes to the box as well, because I know that whatever we put in, the company will match."

PPGPL believes that by providing assistance to needy or at risk groups in the national community, it is contributing to the development of the society; the same society in which its employees live and from which its future employees will emerge. The company's success and sustainability is dependent on a number of factors, one of which is how it handles its corporate social responsibility . It is an expression of the values and philosophy that employees abide by. According to Beverly Parris, Supply Chain Management Supervisor, PPGPL and member of the Board of Couva Children's Home, "We are not the type to watch idly by while our community asks for help. We try to find a way to help and get things done. As such, whatever money is donated is also matched by the organisation."

On December 13, 2012 some of the children of the home and the manager were invited to assist employees with the counting exercise which yielded $9,299. The company agreed to contribute a further $15,701 to arrive at a total contribution of $25,000 for 2012.

In 2013, another small change education drive will begin.


Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL) Turns Sod for New Administrative Building

PPGPL, a natural gas processing company operating in the Pt. Lisas Industrial Estate, turned sod to mark the beginning of construction of its new administrative building on December 21, 2012.

In his feature address at the event, Senator the Honourable Kevin Ramnarine, Minister of Energy & Energy Affairs noted that developments such as these in the energy sector were always a good sign for the entire nation. He went on to state that this meant that companies were still investing in the big energy related projects that would continue to employ several thousand persons while generating more revenue for the economy. He noted that the company out-performs several others when it comes to safety and that was a key element that made PPGPL attractive to external investors.

PPGPL is a safety leader in the oil and gas sector. The company has been recognised both locally and internationally for its stellar 20 year record of safe operations. The company has invested heavily in safety systems, processes, equipment and most especially, in training its employees to operate in a manner that ensures that there is no harm to people, the process plants or the environment. In keeping with its safety philosophy, the new administrative building will minimise risk to their employees, by physically locating non plant personnel away from the process plants. According to Acting President, Dominic Rampersad, "keeping our employees safe just makes good business sense. We want to ensure that anyone coming to our facilities can return home to their families safely."

In addition to this, Chairman of the board of directors, Roop Chan Chadeesingh asserted that PPGPL was pursuing new business opportunities both locally and abroad; and a key strategy to attracting new business partners was by making the PPGPL brand more visible. He indicated that the new building will not only accommodate more staff safely, but will present the company as a progressive, forward-thinking organisation as a whole. He stated that the management will now be able to focus its efforts on continuing the company's success by hosting more visits from prospective business partners, international delegations and dignitaries in a corporate setting that reflects a global business.



Jan 2011

Heroes foundation receives funds

In the face of social issues plaguing Trinidad and Tobago, private organizations and NGOs are partnering to provide the youth of our nation with hope and direction. One such partnership is between Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL) and The Heroes Foundation (HF). 

The Heroes Foundation (HF) founded in October 2002, is responsible for nurturing the next generation of heroes through the creation and promotion of mentorship activities by the youth and for the youth. Since its early days, PPGPL has provided financial support to the Foundation enabling it to pursue youth development progrmames and spread the message of true heroism as demonstrated by local citizens over the years. 

In an effort to promote the work of the Heroes Foundation in the Central communities, Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited recently donated $60,000 to the HF for the establishment of a Central office. This office will enable the Foundation to broaden its reach to the youth in that part of the country. It will also facilitate the work of Big Brothers Big Sisters which is an arm of the HF and which focuses specifically on mentorship.  At the launch of the company’s 2011 CSR initiatives, Eugene Tiah. President, PPGPL expressed his company’s commitment to contribute more to the personal development of the residents of the Couva Children’s Home through special projects. 

Employees of PPGPL have been invited by Big Brothers Big Sisters to participate in their voluntary mentorship programme which is seeking to recruit ‘Bigs’ for one year to work with the residents of the Couva Children’s Home and Crisis Nursery. It is hoped that other companies on the Pt. Lisas Estate will join PPGPL in volunteering to mentor children of the Couva HOME. 


Children’s Homes Receives Education Fund from “Small Change”

At the close of the Christmas season, children of the Couva Children’s Home and Crisis Nursery (formerly Phillips Children’s Home) received a gift of education from one of their corporate sponsors Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited. On January 6, PPGPL’s president Eugene Tiah presented a cheque for $15, 722.71 to Beverly John, Chairman of the Home. Mrs. John expressed her deep gratitude for PPGPL’s unwavering support of the Home and remarked on the difference that past projects have made in the children’s lives. This recent donation was the result of a novel project initiated by Mr. Tiah in August 2010 and completed in December 2010. 

The president invited employees to place ‘small change’ in a transparent box which was specially built and placed in the company’s main meeting room. The funds were to be donated to establish an education fund for the children of the Home. The fund would cover the cost of extra lessons and special tutoring required by the children to improve their performance at both the primary and secondary school level.

Following the launch of the initiative, for four months employees dropped coins and later larger sums of money in an attempt to fill this large box. Little did anyone realize how valuable “small change” was until it was counted. Interest in collecting a large sum of money escalated on the morning of the counting as employees from two departments spontaneously went around the office collecting ‘small’ change before the deadline.  In less than two hours over $1,500 was collected and added to the pool. One of the most remarkable demonstrations of good will was a donation of $1200 made by the Maintenance department. This donation was the prize money they won for placing second in the annual interdepartmental football competition.

The total funds collected by employees was $5,722.71 and a further $10,000 was contributed by the company. Children of the Home and PPGPL employees enthusiastically participated in counting the money. For the children, the experience was overwhelming as they witnessed firsthand the heart behind this corporate giving and met the employees who participated in the initiative.

For several years, PPGPL has supported the Home through annual funding of school supplies, computers and Christmas treats. In 2009, the company funded the psychological and mental assessment of all the children, an effort which has already begun to bear fruit. It is PPGPL’s commitment to contribute more meaningfully to the overall development of the children at the Home by providing them with much needed guidance and support that all children need to be happy, well adjusted members of society.

Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited has already started another ‘small change’ exercise for 2011 which would be donated to another children’s home- Casa De Corazon in Sangre Grande.


Nov 2010

PPGPL Wins Risk Management Award

PPGPL has done it again, securing the 2010 Risk Innovators Award in the Energy/Utility Category of the annual Risk and Insurance Journal. The Risk Innovator Award recognizes winners across different industries who have demonstrated excellence in risk management and companies who see risk differently and have resolved risk related problems in a unique or innovative way.

If Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited took a roll call of its permanent employees, the tally would come to 163. The number of safety officers would also be the same. One hundred and sixty three (163) is also the full complement of the company's risk management officers.
This novel approach to safety has already earned PPGPL huge rewards in the arena of safety management, garnering the company respect, recognition and awards both locally and internationally. 

PPGPL's approach to risk is as unique as its approach to safety, which has ensured that the company has gone without a lost work day case for 19 years. This is almost unheard of in the energy industry. Just as maintaining this safety record involves every employee, so too does the company's Enterprise Risk Management strategy (ERM).

But it didn't start that way according to Eugene Tiah, PPGPL's President. Tiah describes the initial ERM project which began in 2004, as not having met the company's high standards despite some promising early progress. Tiah says "the language that the project management group used to identify and manage risk in its work differed, for example from the language and approach that other operational areas used to identify and manage risk."

Another PPGPL executive, Dominic Rampersad, who led the implementation of the ERM system, says the success of the second ERM system which was started in 2008, lay in the top to bottom involvement of all departments and staff in its creation.

Rampersad’s role in this new ERM process was critical. He is the vice president of PPGPL's Finance and IT department, which was able to create a computerized risk management system that workers across departments could use to determine and factor in the cost of risk in their day to day operations. He says Tiah’s role as project champion was crucial.

"By having him in that role, we were able to quickly and effectively mobilize different resources across different departments in the organization to move the project." Rampersad says. He adds that, “having cross functional teams also helped to eliminate resistance that may have otherwise materialized if the project had solely been managed by one department for example.” With this in mind the role of the ERM Committee was a critical success factor to what has been achieved thus far. This committee, which is chaired by the Risk Management Specialist, comprises employees from each department of the organization thereby ensuring full participation from all which is critical to the long-term sustainability of the system.  With the help of AON Risk Solutions, PPGPL was able to tie together its winning ERM strategy.

PPGPL worked closely with the external consultant to differentiate itself by ensuring its approach was characterized by 'executive buy in' and cross functionality extremely early in the project. At Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited, we are living and breathing the need to be aware of and manage risk.

 PPGPL also did not adopt foreign strategies for its ERM processes. Risk management at the company is very culture specific. Tiah says of the company's IT risk register, "We have never had to retrofit something to meet out unique needs. Instead, we developed an in-house application that is ideally suited for our particular purposes.

The benefits of this homegrown system are apparent. Tiah and Rampersad say if an employee on the shop floor wants to access information about the company's risk profile, he can log on to the system and find out. The result is that employees are better educated about the company, its various functions and the risks involved.”

Additionally, the incorporation of the principles of PPGPL’s corporate excellence framework into the ERM system ensured alignment with the company’s culture of excellence and has positioned PPGPL to achieving excellence in its risk management activities.

However, the benefits do not stop there. According to the president, PPGPL's robust ERM system has helped it get lower insurance premiums, a tough feat in today's economy, especially for an energy company and very consistent with the company’s strategy of establishing a cost competitive business.

The Risk and Insurance Journal, the magazine which runs the awards, says that given its size and production capacity, Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited stood out as a beacon in the energy industry when managing the risk involved with such enterprises.

 Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited is jointly owned by NGC NGL Company Limited, Conoco Phillips Inc. and Pan West Engineers and Constructors Inc. It has an A-/Stable outlook credit rating from Standards and Poors and was one of the first companies in Trinidad and Tobago to secure such a rating.  PPGPL has also earned first place in the Gas Processors Association (GPA) "Accident Prevention Award Division II -- International Classification" for the past 11 consecutive years.

Oct 2010

PPGPL Wins AmCham Excellence in HSE Trophy

PPGPL has done it again, securing the 2010 Risk Innovators Award in the Energy/Utility Category of the annual Risk and Insurance Journal. The Risk Innovator Award recognizes winners across different industries who have demonstrated excellence in risk management and companies who see risk differently and have resolved risk related problems in a unique or innovative way.

Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited continued to sweep the industry awards when it was recognized by the American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago (AmCham T&T) for its Excellence in Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management in the energy and manufacturing category.  The HSE award came on the heels of the gas processing company winning the 2010 Risk Innovators Award in the energy/utility category of the annual Risk and Insurance Journal weeks prior to AmCham T&T’s recognition.

“PPGPL is unique in the local environment. Everyone in the company is a safety officer, it is in each employee’s job description and work portfolio and it is ingrained in all of us.  Safety goals are driven by company policies and procedures, there is a leadership aspect to it and there is a culture aspect to it” said Fyzal De la Rosa, a safety superintendent who has been with the company for two decades.

The Chamber, as part of its annual conference and exhibition, recognized those business models who’ve made a success of upholding HSE as a key business value. Companies were judged on how well they had integrated HSE as a key organizational value, the process by which they measured the performance of their HSE operations against internationally tested systems and the rigorous and   systematic  review process that they  put in place to evaluate success. At the Hyatt reception, PPGPL shared the AmCham T&T Excellence HSE Trophy with energy giant BPTT. 

“When you consider the size of both our companies and the amount of expenditure that BPTT  puts into HSE,  it was a good feeling to share the award,” added De La Rosa. 

Contributing to the PPGPL’s win was the organisation’s ESH Management system that provides direction to all activities related to Environmental Management, Occupational Safety and Health and Process Safety Management. The company’s award winning enterprise approach to managing risks as well as its focus on wellness was also important components of the company’s win. 

PPGPL is jointly owned by NGC NGL Company Limited, Conoco Phillips Inc. and Pan West Engineers. It has an A rating from Standards and Poors, one of the first companies in Trinidad and Tobago to secure the rating and it has already earned safety awards from the Gas Processors Association and the Conoco Phillips "Spirit of Performance Award.  Its vision is to be the number one NGLs business in the Americas by 2020.

Sept 2010

PPGPL Moves to Reduce Road Carnage

The Click for Life Caravan continues to move across Trinidad with two more mall tours carded for Trincity Mall on Saturday September 11th and Gulf City on September 18th. The caravan is part of a national road safety campaign sponsored by Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited in partnership with Arrive Alive. It is one of PPGPL’s efforts to reduce the carnage on our nation's roadways.
The mobile public education programme kicked off on Saturday August 21st at the City of Grand Bazaar, where visitors to the booth received vital information on how they could prevent vehicular accidents and had safe driving techniques demonstrated to them by the campaign team. of PPGPL and Arrive Alive staff. The caravan moved to Movie Towne where persons from all walks of life met with the team and participated in interesting activities that drove home the message of road safety.
The next stop for the caravan was the University of the West Indies during the orientation week where several young drivers cam face to face with the realities of drinking and driving among other topics. “The Caravan is an expansion of the 'Click For Life' media campaign launched in June. The overall aim is to reduce road accidents and fatalities by encouraging changes in driving behaviour through information and education,” said Elsa Lara, Public Relations Coordinator.
Click For Life's special areas of focus have been getting drivers to buckle up and use child seats since statistics show these measures drastically reduce injury and death in an accident. However, it also places emphasis on accident prevention through defensive driving training and knowledge of several accident 'hotspots' around the country.
The initiative is an outgrowth of PPGPL's safety record of 17 years without a lost time incident. Every year the company goes without an accident or incident that records a lost work day, the company embarks on a project entitled Gift to the Nation to improve the lives of citizens.

The company feels that with this safety achievement behind it PPGPL has established the credibility to share its safety philosophy with the population in the hope that accidents of all kinds can be prevented. Safety is a way of life for PPGPL employees and it was they who came up with the initial concept for the road safety campaign.

Click For life Caravan Moves On

Movietown and the University of the West Indies are to become the next sites of Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited’s efforts to reduce the carnage on our nation's roadways.
On the 4th and 8th of September respectively, the company is moving onto the second phase of its national road safety campaign, with its Click For Life caravan at these locations. The mobile public education programme kicked off on Saturday August 21st at the City of Grand Bazaar, where visitors to the booth received vital information on how they could prevent vehicular accidents and had safe driving techniques demonstrated to them by PPGPL staff and Arrive Alive, the company's partner in the initiative.
“The Caravan is an expansion of the 'Click For Life' media campaign launched in June. The overall aim is to reduce road accidents and fatalities by encouraging changes in driving behaviour through information and education,” said Elsa Lara, Public Relations Coordinator.
Click For Life's special areas of focus have been getting drivers to buckle up and use child seats since statistics show these measures drastically reduce injury and death in an accident. However, it also places emphasis on accident prevention through defensive driving and knowledge of several accident 'hotspots' around the country.
The initiative is an outgrowth of PPGPL's safety record of 17 years without a lost time incident. Every year the company goes without an accident or incident that records a lost work day, the company embarks on a project entitled Gift to the Nation to improve the lives of citizens.

The company feels that with this safety achievement behind it PPGPL has established the credibility to share its safety philosophy with the population in the hope that accidents of all kinds can be prevented. Safety is a way of life for PPGPL employees and it was they who came up with the initial concept for the road safety campaign.

“Last year when we achieved 17 years without a lost time incident, we invited employees to submit project ideas for consideration. When we collated the projects that were submitted, three of them were on aspects of road safety. We then agreed to develop one project incorporating all ideas” Lara said.

The 'Click For Life' Caravan will also appear at Trincity Mall on September 11th and Gulf City Mall on September 18th

June 2010

PPGPL Launches Road Safety Campaign

Making the roads of T& T safer, this is the challenge that Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited has taken up with a recently launched national road safety campaign- Click for Life.  The campaign which will run from June to September is an initiative in recognition of the company’s 17 year safety record of no lost time incident.

Since 1997, PPGPL has tied its annual safety achievement to a national project entitled –Gift to the Nation.  Whenever employees and contractors work for 12 months straight without a lost time incident, the people of T&T benefit. For staying true to its safety motto, “Our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take time to do it safely and in a manner that preserves the environment” employees are asked to submit projects for consideration.Three employees chose road safety for its latest record. Their ideas have formed the basis of this national road safety campaign- Click For Life.

In launching the project last Friday Eugene Tiah president, PPGPL stressed the significance of creating national awareness about road safety in light of the frequent loss of lives on the nation’s roads. He further stated that PPGPL chose to partner with Arrive Alive on this project because both organization firmly believe that all accidents can be prevented.

Kirk Waithe of Arrive Alive commended PPGPL for being one of the first companies to support the work of his organization when it was established. He is eager to see the benefits of this latest collaboration to the national community.  

The Click For Life campaign is intended to introduce a different approach to driving for young and  inexperienced drivers who have not yet developed bad driving habits.   It encourages the use of seatbelt and child car seats for every journey, every day. The campaign also pays attention to danger zones that are prone to fatal accidents.

Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited is committed to the safety of employees and contractors and we are now spreading the message of safety to the rest of T&T. 

The company is extending an invitation to all drivers to join in making the roads safer and Click for Life

March 2010

Orange Valley Government Primary School Library Refurbishment

The students of Orange Valley Government Primary School can now boast of a modern library thanks to the generosity of Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL).  As part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, PPGPL donated $200,000 to FEEL to develop a special project focused on upgrading and refurbishing primary school libraries that were most in need of assistance.

FEEL was given the mandate to identify schools in rural areas and those that are not often supported by corporate funding and administer the project on behalf of PPGPL. The four institutions that responded positively to the project, each received $50,000 to improve their libraries depending on the specific and unique need of that institution. Orange Valley Government Primary, Tortuga Government Primary, Bethlehem Boys R.C. and St. Vincent De Paul were the recipients of this grant.

At the opening of the library at Orange Valley Government Primary, the principal, Mrs.  Gabriel applauded PPGPL for its interest in education and sustainable development. She took the opportunity to also thank the company for another substantial donation which it made to renovate a classroom to create an enhanced learning environment for one of the Standard Five classes.  

Joanne Salazar, Vice President Strategy and Corporate Services, PPGPL stressed the company’s commitment to national development through meaningful partnerships and initiatives. Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited chose to partner with FEEL because it felt confident that the organization had the capability to execute the project with the level of transparency, accountability and enthusiasm that the project required.

The library was fully repainted and refurbished with full multimedia system, charts, mats for the smaller students, new books, shelves and reupholstered furniture. This upgraded facility will be used by the students for learning. It will also be used by the teachers for developing their skills in the use of Information Technology for teaching.