Storage & Shipping

PPGPL's products are stored in specialized tanks where PPGPL builds inventory until the products are shipped in ocean-going tankers to its customers.
The company currently has an overall storage capacity of approximately 1,250,000 barrels.
Its storage capacity allows PPGPL to better manage the impact of market volatility and provides some flexibility to mitigate risks related to business disruptions.

PPGPL operates two product-loading docks, with up to 54,000 cubic meters (cbm) of capacity and overall loading capacity of up to 10,000 barrels per hour, capable of handling large ships with a carrying capacity of up to 300,000 bbls. These marine export terminals enable PPGPL to export products in large cargo sizes to the North American and South American markets, as well as to ship smaller LPG shipments to the Caribbean LPG market. 

One of the dock facilities is owned by PPGPL, while the other is operated under a long-term lease agreement with Yara Trinidad Limited. This lease agreement will expire in 2018 and there are no renewal provisions in the agreement. However, a possible renewal is being evaluated versus building its own facility. 


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