NGL Fractionation


PPGPL operates three cryogenic natural gas processing plants with 1.95bcfd of combined processing capacity. These plants employ a cryogenic cooling process, for the recovery of hydrocarbons from natural gas. The liquid recovery process uses proprietary technology, licensed from Pan West Engineers and Constructors, LLC. and Ortloff, designed to cool the natural gas and recover essentially all of the NGLs contained in the natural gas stream. 


PPGPL operates three fractionation plants with the capacity of separating up to 70,000 bpd of NGLs.

The fractionation facilities separate the NGLs mixture received from the gas plants into propane, mixed butane, isobutane and natural gasoline. The company is also supplied NGLs from ALNG, which are fractionated together with NGLs extracted from natural gas from NGC and Petrotrin.


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