The Natural Gasoline Storage and Export Project:
This enabled PPGPL to export natural gasoline and consequently obtain a higher netback value for that product


The Soldado Gas Gathering Project:
This enabled PPGPL to process up to 42 MMCFD of associated gas that is gathered by Petrotrin thereby increasing the value of the resource


The Phase 1 Upgrade Project:
This increased PPGPL’s gas processing capacity from 650 MMCFD to 750MMCFD


The Phase 2 Expansion: This expansion:
• increased PPGPL’s processing capacity from 750 MMCFD to 1,350 MMCFD;
• increased fractionation capacity from 13,500 to 33,500 barrels per day (bpd);
• increased natural gas liquids storage capacity from 400,000 barrels to 750,000 barrels;
• expanded vessel handling capability from 22,000 cubic meters to 54,000 cubic meters by adding a second vessel loading port;
• increased vessel loading capability up to 10,000 barrels per hour; and
• enabled the receipt of the natural gas liquids from ALNG T1 via the installation of an 8” natural gas liquids pipeline connecting ALNG to PPGPL 

2002 - 2004 

The Fractionation, Storage and Expansion 2 Project:
This increased fractionation capacity from 33,500bpd to 46,000bpd and natural gas liquid storage capacity from 750,000 barrels to 1,000,000 barrels; to receive and process the natural gas liquids from ALNG T2/3


The Fractionation Expansion 3 Project:
This expansion involved the construction of a stand-alone fractionation facility that resulted in an increase in the company’s fractionation capacity from 46,000 BPD to 70,000 BPD. This increase catered for the fractionation of the natural gas liquids from the Phase 3 facility and ALNG T4


Iso-Butane Facility:
This project created the opportunity for PPGPL to split its mixed butane product into normal and iso-butane; the latter being supplied to Petrotrin under a 10-year sale agreement


Phase 3 Expansion:
This expansion was completed in August 2009 and increased PPGPL’s gas processing capability from 1,350 mmcfd to 1,950 mmcfd


Storage Expansion Project:
This expansion increased natural gasoline storage from 350,000 barrels to 600,000 barrels; and total storage from 1,000,000 barrels to 1,250,000 barrels.


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