Gift To The Nation

One of the company's national CSR initiatives is Gift to the Nation which is tied to the company's safety performance. The Gift to the Nation (GTTN) programme was established in 1997 and has enabled employees to relate to the company's corporate giving as it is dependent on their achievement of the company's safety goals. Over the years, the following 16 GTTN projects were delivered:

1997A Mobile Blood Unit was donated to the Blood Bank
1998PPGPL, the National Gas Company and The National Lotteries Control Board purchased a building for Families in Action, an organization that provides support for families of the nation
1999An interactive, environmental education CD-ROM was given to every secondary school in the nation
2000WALK ALERT Safety Program was launched to teach children between the ages of 5 and 6 the fundamentals of road safety
2001A Blood Analyser was donated to the Radiotherapy Center to determine the effectiveness of various chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments
2002The Rivulet Road Street Lighting Project was implemented to make the Rivulet Road safer to the more than 3000 workers that ply that route daily
2003 & 2004Construction of a new home to replace the dilapidated Heart's Home in Sangre Grande. This home caters for orphaned and abused children
2005 & 2006HOMES Project. The construction of 20 houses for needy families between Carlson Field and Morne Diablo
  • New Life Ministries (NLM) Refurbishment Project
  • National Centre for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) Construction of Orthopedic Wheelchair Building
  • Trinidad and Tobago Association of Retired Persons (TTARP) 30 seat bus donated to TTARP for the elderly
2008Phillips Children's Home Funding for assessment and evaluation of children and payment of three months salaries for staff
2009Click For Life National Road Safety Campaign
2010Mission To Safely Reach National Road Safety Campaign
2011Little Acts Environmental Initiative
2012Rainwater Harvesting in Schools