Core Values

At Phoenix Park, our success is intrinsically tied to our adherence to a shared value system. Our core values represent the acceptable standards of our way of conducting business with our internal and external stakeholders. Everyone at Phoenix Park, regardless of geographic location, is responsible for ensuring that our behavior is compliant with our core values, and with governmental laws and regulations.

Phoenix Park’s Core Values

Safety & Environmental Preservation:
Our people are passionate about safety as our number one priority.

We are honest and trustworthy in our dealings with internal and external stakeholders.

Employee Engagement:
We are a group of inspirational team members and leaders, encouraging others to adopt a more positive approach.

Our people are committed to a high standard of quality in all that we do.

We endeavor to share pertinent information with relevant stakeholders in a timely manner.

Customer Focus:
Our people respond quickly to internal and external requests and seek feedback to achieve satisfaction.

Corporate Social Responsibility:
Our people are compassionate and explore creative solutions to generate positive social, financial and environmental impacts.