IMAGEPPGPL Delivers Services to Ghana Gas

Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL), executed a six (6) month technical services agreement (TSA) with Ghana National Gas Company Limited (GNGC). Under this agreement, which was signed in July 2018, PPGPL will provide consultancy services to GNGC on risk-based inspection (RBI).

GNGC owns and operates the Atuabo Gas Processing Facility in Ghana, which consists of a 150mmscfd gas processing plant. The facility was commissioned in November 2014 with operating support from Chinese firm SINOPEC. In early 2017, GNGC took over full technical operations of the facility.

Prior to signing the agreement, PPGPL advised GNGC that considering the age and location of the Atuabo Gas Processing Facility, it is prudent to put in place an effective asset integrity management program. It is in this regard, that a technical services agreement (TSA) with Ghana National Gas Company Limited (GNGC) was signed. Under this agreement, PPGPL will develop and issue a risk-based inspection (RBI) program to GNGC and train their staff to sustain the program in the future.  

The agreement has provided GNGC with the opportunity to learn and use technical risk mitigation initiatives and programmes currently being utilised by PPGPL, and gain first-hand knowledge working with PPGPL’s team of technical professionals in the field of RBI. So far, PPGPL conducted RBI assessments on all GNGC’s process vessels, piping and pipeline systems; developed a complete RBI program; and facilitated GNGC staff working alongside PPGPL staff to develop, populate and sustain  the RBI program for the Atuabo facility. The Ghana TSA specifically allowed PPGPL to assist GNGC in improving their maintenance program to help them better allocate resources and plan for future maintenance.  The implementation of the proposed RBI program will allow GNGC to maintain high levels of reliability and availability of their gas processing facility, while reducing the risk of plant upsets and downtime.

In keeping with the agreement, PPGPL facilitated a site visit of senior representatives of GNGC including Robert Asmah- senior QA/QC manager, Richmond Alamu, assistant manager Operations and Abdul Halik Awudu- senior plant engineer for three weeks between November and December 2018. During their visit, the Ghanaians were able to work with PPGPL’s inspection superintendent, other technical maintenance and operations employees who ensured that they received a deeper understanding of PPGPL’s RBI programmes and other related maintenance systems. Charles Roopa, PPGPL’s inspection superintendent was quoted as saying, “For any emerging gas processing facility such as the one operated and managed by GNGC, RBI and AIM should be standard practice, because it aids in ensuring the uptime of the processing units, while maintaining the reliability of the plant equipment.”

The Ghanaian team was also able to meet with members of PPGPL’s board of directors in November. In speaking with them, Chairman Professor Gerry C. Brooks noted, “While this is the first formalized international agreement with GNGC, it would not just be a business agreement; it is the beginning of a fruitful business relationship where both entities benefit, and ultimately, the country of Trinidad and Tobago.” This Ghana TSA is one of the first foray into internationalization for PPGPL, an objective that the company’s Business Development team had been diligently working on for a few years among other internationalization strategies. According to the vice president, Business Development, Alvin Dookie, “It’s no secret that we’ve been targeting various states in Africa, South America and within the Caribbean region to diversify our business. This TSA stands as a testament to other indigenous state enterprises that it can be done, once you are persistent, have the requisite institutional knowledge and human capital to execute at a high standard, all of the services that you are offering to potential business partners. We will continue our concerted efforts with respect to internationalization, and other opportunities to maximize our current business performance for our customers and partners.”