Launch of Digital Mammography System

From L-R: Dominic Rampersad, president, PPGPL, Kevin Cox, general manager, TTCS, Zalayhar Hassanali, patron, TTCS and Dr. Asante Le Blanc, vice chairman, TTCS all standing next to the Digital Mammography System.

IMAGEOn Thursday October 26, 2017, PPGPL in conjunction with the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society (TTCS) officially launched the digital mammography system. The unveiling of this system was planned to coincide with the TTCS’s move to its new temporary location on Dundonald Street POS, where the system has been installed. The digital mammography system is PPGPL’s Gift to the Nation project in recognition of the company’s 21st and 22nd safety milestones achieved in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Due to the overall cost of the system, PPGPL chose to part-fund the project over a two-year period. With a contribution of over $2 million TT dollars, PPGPL is the major sponsor of this system, which had a price tag of TT$4,319,100. Another organization contributed TT$1 million to off-set the balance of the costs.

A digital mammography machine promises to offer more patient comfort, better records management, and enhanced communication among medical professionals in screening clients for breast cancer. One of the major benefits of the project is that, at the TTCS, mammograms would continue to be available to the public at more affordable rates than private institutions. PPGPL’s ambition is to increase the cancer detection rate through early screening. The availability of affordable screening will certainly go a long way in combating the fight against cancer. PPGPL remains committed to this cause, as we believe that through awareness, education, and lifestyle changes, the incidents of cancer can be reduced, and the quality of life improved for patients. The company’s donation to TTCS is one of many social investments in the area of health. In 2015, PPGPL committed to donate 10 million US dollars in diagnostic equipment to the National Oncology Centre, and to this day, that financial commitment still stands.