PPGPL Helps Casa de Corazon Children’s Home

IMAGECasa de Corazon is a children’s home located in Sangre Grande. PPGPL has a long- standing relationship with this home, having reconstructed the building under its Gift to the Nation project for 2013 and 2014. It is also one of the homes that receives funding from PPGPL’s Employees’- Small Change Initiative (employees drop their ‘small change’ into a special container which is collected and counted every Christmas.

Every dollar is also matched by PPGPL and donated to children’s homes for educational programmes.) On Tuesday November 7, 2017, Casa de Corazon (fondly called Casa) received a cheque from PPGPL valued at TT$132,442.00 for the renovation of its kitchen. Casa has applied for a licence under the Children’s Authority to access grants and funding. However in order to qualify for this licence, the home is required to meet specific criteria set out by the regulatory body.

The kitchen was identified as one of the critical areas in need of repair. In addition to the kitchen renovation, PPGPL will also undertake to repaint the building, and replace some furnishings.

PPGPL is pleased to provide Casa with a facelift this year, because a child’s environment plays an important part in his or her wellbeing. PPGPL hopes that with the company’s latest financial support, the children of Casa will feel more comfortable in their home as they continue to grow and flourish as children should.