Making Balandra Beach Cleaner and Safer

For the past four years, PPGPL has participated in the International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) Drive. This global initiative, is the biggest volunteer activity to protect coasts, beaches and oceans. To date over 12 million persons around the world have assisted with the effort to ‘fight ocean trash.’ On September 16, 2017, team PPGPL joined with employees from the other subsidiaries of NGC, to have a greater impact on how much garbage could be removed. With garbage bags in-hand, the committee headed to Balandra Beach and Fishing Facility and ultimately removed over 1100 lbs of debris including rusted kitchen appliances, broken glass, bottle covers and caps; as well as nails, paper and plastic. PPGPL firmly believes in this cause and will continue its efforts to protect our environment for generations to come. In light of the recent flooding in several parts of Trinidad, it is PPGPL’s hope that next year we will remove less garbage from our nation’s shorelines.